Get Better Together

Challenge Pals is a supportive, goal oriented community focused on pushing each other ahead.
Our fitness challenges make you healthier and help you add more positive relationships into your life.
Join solo for personal improvement.
Join as a team for shared team goals, increased motivation and to improve realtionships within your team.

Challenge Pals Core Values

  • We welcome everyone.
  • We favor cooperation over competition.
  • We set and measure our goals.
  • We choose progress over perfection.
  • We work together.
  • We make progress together.
  • We thrive together.

Goals + Tracking + Social

Our challenges based on measurable goals. Miles for month, active minutes per week, etc.

You can enter challenges solo or as a team.

When you enter solo, you set your own goal. You'll work aside others working towards their goal and get the support you need.

When you enter as a team, your team has a goal to tackle together. These team goals bring teams closer fostering epic teamwork for friends, family and business teams. Each team member still gets a personal goal too (just like joining solo).

Set a Challenge Goal

Goals can be set for yourself or your team. Examples: distance for a month, active minutes per day of week, step goals, etc.

Progress is Shared

Add a progress post. Add photos. Your miles from your running app, Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.

"Love" and Comments

Other members "love" (our version of a like) and comment on your progress posts.

Measure Your Progress

Your progress posts are stored and measured in your progress journal.

Earn Karma By Giving Back

Encouraging others is part of the process. And the Challenge Pals Karma System tracks and rewards those who give back to others.

Progress Journals

You and your (optional) team get progress journals, tracking your results.